About Our Founder

Mercedes Beals

After graduating from Boise State University with a Bachelors in Psychology, Mercedes Beals went on to establish a career in Social Work. During her time in social work, she facilitated homeless families in finding housing solutions and led an after-school program for homeless youth. Expanding her community-based experience, Mercedes transitioned into a career in early childhood education. Furthering her wholistic  desire to understand her clientele,  Mercedes has also successfully acquired her Certificate of Gerontology.

As a long-time Arizona resident, Mercedes founded Ohana Senior Placement to address the growing need to help families find appropriate living solutions that not only fit their medical needs but also continue to cultivate a lifestyle that brings joy and fulfillment.

Her goal is to build memories for as many families as possible for as long as possible.


Growing old is the greatest gift we can be given.

Just because your hair may be turning gray that doesn’t mean your lifestyle should. At Ohana, we focus on what brings you life. As a part of one big family, and although we have different paths in life, we end up at the same location, looking back on the memories we have made. Your home, family, deepest aspirations, even the smell of your favorite foods all contribute to the beautiful mosaic that is your life. Ohana exists to support you in the crafting of your beautiful mosaic.We are not just here to find a living facility for you. We are here to facilitate you living the lifestyle that makes you feel like you. 

- Mercedes Beals